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We occasionally have puppies or older adults looking for their forever home.  If you are interested in one of our available dogs, please contact me at:

Our dogs listed as for sale are important to us and we desire only the best homes. It is our hope they live long and happy lives with their humans!
  • Any dog or puppy listed is available as a spayed/neutered pet unless other arrangements are agreed to. 
  • If other arrangements are determined, the dog will likely be on a co-ownership contract. 
  • Our desire is to have our dogs in loving homes being a part of a family. 
  • The dog will be paid for prior to leaving and will also be neutered/spayed prior to leaving. 
  • The cost of spay/neuter is included in the purchase price. 
  • We must meet face to face before placing a dog.
  • If shipping is needed, that cost will be approximately $300.00 (with shipping fees ever changing, if it is more the new owner will pay the additional amount).  The shipping fee includes health certificate, crate, and plane fare.
  • We will drive to meet new families within 100 miles (if longer distances, a per mile fee will apply).
  • Payments will be by PayPal, money order, or cash.  If a personal check is used, there will be a 2 week wait for check to clear.
  • Perspective new owners, will be questioned and may be asked for references.  Perspective new owners must be approved.



I will post pictures and information about available dogs from friends.  They will be listed below.  You will need to contact them directly for information about these particular dogs and their personal requirements for purchasing.  I am not responsible for the dogs listed below.

A dog is your faithful companion!